~ “The essentials of QiGong practice” ~

All tickets are sold out. For more info please email Lars: lars.schmith@gmail.com

3-day-workshop with 35th generation Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi 

in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark spring 2021.

Get the tools to uncover the true potential of your QiGong practice…

It is a great joy and honor to present this event in the heart of Copenhagen with Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi. Shi Heng Yi´s teaching is of international standard – it is both simple and very powerful.

This workshop can be attained by anyone interested – beginners as well as the advanced practitioner. For 3 days you will learn to dive deeper in your own practice and explore the benefits of QiGong:


– Qi / Energy Concept

– Preparing the framework

– Increasing awareness

– Breathwork

– Introduction to Shaolin QiGong.

The teaching will be offered in a easy and simple english.

Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi

Photo: Marco Priske

The key to live a happier and more harmonius life

QiGong træning

Guidance into the vital essence

According to Master Shi Heng Yi the “Qi” is something that is necesary to nourish our life. In Asia it is believed that Qi is something that the whole universe is build out of. We sometimes relate it to be energy. “Gong” means an ability or a skill – so “QiGong” translated means you are having some skill in doing something with this vital lifeforce. When we start working with this essence things starts to change.

In practice through standing position (Zhan Zhuang) the mind and awareness are drawn into different areas of the body. You learn to syncronize your deep breathing with specific movement, where your awareness are drawn towards all the small steps in the movements. In order to uncover the true potential of your practice and to facilitate an inner transformation the mind should enter a level of deep concentration.
QiGong is something you can´t really explain – in the end you need to come and experience it for your self.

Who is Shi Heng Yi?

Shi Heng Yi belongs to the 35th generation of Shaolin Masters and is the Headmaster of Shaolin Temple Europe located in Germany.
I (Lars) meet Shi Heng Yi in Shaolin Temple Europe in autumn 2019 and was amazed by the clarity and power of his teaching. This is why I give him my warmest recomendations.

Find more info about Shi Heng Yi on his website

Visit the website of Shaolin Temple Europe

Youtube: Video where Shi Heng Yi teaches QiGong

Youtube: Video where Shi Heng Yi explains the 5 hindrances to Self-mastery.


Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi

Photo: Marco Priske

“The essentials of QiGong practice” – details about the workshop and booking

Timing: Friday evening to sunday noon – marts 26th-28th 2021.
Open session friday marts 26th at 6.30-8.30 pm

Saturday marts 27th at 9.00-12.00 am and saturday at 2.30-5.30 pm

Sunday marts 28th at 9.00-12.00 am.

The session friday evening are open to the public.

You can attain by subscribing online on this site. No tickets for the whole weekend are sold at the door.

Venue: Phendeling, Centre of Tibetan Buddhism, Nørregade 7B 2. sal th. /1165 København K.

Pricing: 2450 Dkk. (329 €) which includes tuition friday, saturday and sunday including snack, tea/ coffee during the breaks.

The open friday session can be attained separately at a cost of 180 Dkk (25 €). If you buy the tickets at the door there will be an addional fee of 75 Dkk (10 €) 255 Dkk (35 €). 

You can book for the whole weekend after the friday evening session, but you must do it here online.


CANCELATION: if you cancel after 12th marts you will loose the complete workshop fee. If you cancel between 26th of february and 12th marts (both days included) you will get a 50 % refund.
By canceling before 26th february you will get a full refund but a expedition fee of 25 € (180 Dkk) will be charged.

We continously relate to the actual guidelines regarding COVID-19. If our health-authorities advice you against participation in events like this workshop on the actual time it is held you can get a full refund. So you can book this workshop with certainty and without the risk of loosing your money.

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